As you go through your day, make note of things that annoy you or cause you extra effort, time, money, or discomfort. In the language of this course, find some gaps in your user experience. Identify at least 10 of these gaps.

Select a gap that will form the basis of your class project. Your gap (course project) must meet these criteria:

  • You personally experience the gap (i.e., you want to solve the design problem).
  • You have access to at least five people who also experience the gap, or a closely related gap. This access is ideally face-to-face, not solely via the internet.
  • You can imagine creating some kind of design and prototype of an artifact that would address this gap within the next 8 weeks. In other words, the challenge is not so complex that you cannot imagine addressing it in this course. (For instance, the gap “I really wish I could travel in outer space” would be a poor choice for a course project.)
  • You can imagine the gap being addressed by an artifact in a domain that interests you personally (e.g., physical product, architecture, apparel, graphics, web design, furniture).


Mind the gap…

  1. A better survacy for picking money up from – Each morning I need to buy a ticket for the subway. Picking up the change and subway ticket at the station kiosk is made more difficult by a ‘bowl’ shaped notch in the counter.
  2. A solution for getting cake wind or shine – I like cake! The store around from my office do great cake but it is far enough away to get wet if it is raining.
  3. A better project reporting tool – A current project I am leading on requires regular project reports. These reports tend to be a replication/collation of of calendar events, meeting notes and meeting attendees. Duplicating effort is time consuming and costs the project.
  4. An interesting location finding solution – As a new photographer finding new and interesting locations nearby to try things out at is a little hit and miss.
  5. A Subway entertainment system – With no internet on the subway none of my apps ‘work’ (i predominately use social apps or news/information tools) making the 8 minute journey boring.
  6. A car parking reassurance solution – Parking the car when attending a large event is extremely difficult. At a recent football match I fond a spot and was then worried about its safty, how could I be reassured?
  7. A comfortable neck warmer that you won’t forget – Recently the weather has been extremely cold and I require a separate scarf to keep my neck warm. However, I am always leaving them in work or in the car.
  8. A solution for finding the gaps in others’ lives – As a software developer/designer finding the gaps in others’ lives to help solve their problems, particularly focusing on those that have technical solutions, is a huge gap for me.
  9. A better driver signalling solution – At a round about, drivers often fail to indicate when they are coming off. This prevents me from entering the roundabout before they have exited the roundabout.
  10. A weekly menu planning solution – I do all of the cooking in our household and every Friday my wife does the shopping – no sexist stereotyping just so happens thats how we divided things up. Thinking of new dishes to make dinner time more interesting can be a challenge and time consuming. It would be great to reduce how long this took