In what way might I reduce the effort in reporting work whilst providing a coherent overview of stakeholder engagement?

Collecting User Needs

These user needs were collected through a series of individual face-to-face interviews. Each interview started with a series of open ended questions to get the interviewees talking about their current experience of creating project reports. Most created their reports using a spreadsheet which had a number of pros and cons that they identified. Following on from this initial discussion I then asked them to think about what the tool might do if they were to remove all barriers to get them thinking more creatively, how they might solve their own problem. This helped identify some of the latent needs.

User Needs

  • The reporting tool increases efficency
  • !The reporting tool can generate reports for me
  • !The reporting tool collates information to generate reports
  • The reporting tool reduces the time taken to provide feedback
  • The reports created by the reporting tool act as a reminder of actions
  • The reporting tool can distribute meeting summaries instantly
  • The reporting tool notifies me of un-actioned items
  • The reporting tool provides many views
  • The reporting tool can capture graphical illustrations
  • !The reporting tool can provide annotated sociograms illustrating engagement
  • The reporting tool is more than a spreadsheet
  • The reporting tool provides management with high level overview of objectives
  • The reporting tool can create highlight reports
  • The reporting tool can create high level board packs
  • The reporting tool highlights project risks
  • The reporting tool provides an overview of resource distribution
  • The reporting tool provides an overview of who we have met and what we have disscussed for management
  • The reporting tool makes understanding your own progress easier
  • A report provides an overview of what project members are doing.
  • The reporting tool acts as a convient place to reflect on previous work
  • Updating my work using the reporting tool gives a sense of achievement
  • Reports are not needed in an environement where you are trusted
  • The reporting tool provides an account of my work in case it is questioned
  • The reporting tool helps me identify goals
  • The reporting tool provides an overview of my progress
  • The reporting tool provides a good point for reflection
  • The reporting tool enables agile project management where users can pick up and complete unassigned items
  • The reporting tool can be used to identify gaps in our stakeholder engagement
  • The reporting tool records the individual meetings with stakeholders
  • The reporting tool maps the engagement with stakeholders accross identified groups
  • The reporting tool captures things of interest identified by stakeholders
  • !The reporting tool uses sentiment analysis to automatically identify areas of overlap
  • The reporting tool can make finding information easier
  • The individual project reports provides an interface between projects