In what way might I reduce the effort in reporting meetings whilst providing a coherent overview of stakeholder engagement?

Primary User Needs

  • The reporting tool uses engagement to identify areas of overlap in team members meetings.
  • The reporting tool uses sentiment analysis to automatically identify areas of overlap in stakeholder interests.
  • The reporting tool can provide annotated sociograms illustrating engagement.
  • The reporting tool can create high level board packs.
  • The reporting tool can create highlight reports.


Sequence Of Actions

For clarity here are the decomposed lists

Meeting Preparation

  • Overview of stakeholders.
  • Engagement with stakeholders mapped with associated annotations.
  • All of the team’s (project team members) desires are shared so that relevant information can be extracted from the meeting.
  • Understanding of the stakeholders needs.


  • Capture meeting and transcribe the meeting
  • Searching through current notes or notes from previous meetings when things are sparked.
  • Extraction/Identification of stakeholder needs.
  • Cross reference (usually in my own mind) relivent information from previous meetings and stakeholders.

Meeting Reflection

  • Analysis of meeting.
  • Discussion/debriefing with team.
  • Record additional notes.
  • Arrange follow up meetings and engagements.
  • Map connections.

Summarise Meetings

  • Note Attendees.
  • Create a meeting summary from notes.
  • Identify outcomes and create new actions.


  • Share individual report with line manager.
  • Share reports with other team members for awareness.
  • Collate reports into a management summary to outline progress.
  • Create a higher level dashboard for the most senior members of the project team
  • Update the project plan and review timescales

10 Concept Sketches

Please note I labelled the sketches 1-10 rather than A-J hopefully this doesn’t get marked down.