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Explorers Festival

This is a post by Josh McGhee, Co-founder and MD at Ion 14. Ion 14 takes an intelligent, creative and efficiency-focused approach to business IT.

It’s been just over two weeks since I arrived back in Glasgow following my four-day excursion to the inaugural Explorers Festival, Lisbon. It has taken this time to digest the buzz of activity and information which surrounded me during that half-week and really quantify what I’d learned.

Explorers Festival, organised by Portuguese startup advocacy NGO Beta-i, was intended to be a celebration and meeting of minds that seek to push the boundaries of knowledge, physical endeavour and business. It was clear that it was also to announce the arrival of the Lisbon startup scene on the world stage, and what an introduction it was.

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iWorks Apps ( Numbers, Pages, and Keynote ) Crashing on Launch

Spent almost an hour trying to get the new Keynote, Pages and Numbers to work. Having updated all three all crashed upon lunch. I tried deleting and reinstalling each application, to no avail. My issue came down to fonts.

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AirBnB Case Study: What are your thoughts?

A while back I attended a workshop on “Global Strategies for Ambitious Entrepreneurs” delivered by Professor Joe Lassiter from Harvard Business School and Ken Morse the chairman of Entrepreneurship Ventures Inc. The session was based on a case study of AirBnB, which so happens to be one of my favourite companies. Having followed them for the last 2-3 years after they first appeared on TechCrunch all of my friends have heard me banging on about how cool they are. I loved their entrepreneurial spirit to overcome all of the odds. On several occasions when all seemed lost they designed, innovated and sold their way out of trouble (at least in the short term).

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Sketchup – Table

I finally had some time to play around with Sketchup and got through the first series of tutorials. I have been a fan of blender but the barrier to entry when I last used it (1-2 years ago) was extremely high however, with Sketchup I am already modelling simple things. I think I might have the bug and I am already considering modelling some things for myself so watch this space.

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Assignment 4.2: Prototyping – 3 Concepts

In what way might we create a tool for reporting activity and stakeholder engagement?

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Assignment 4.1: Concept Selection – 3 concepts

In what way might we create a tool for reporting activity and stakeholder engagement?

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City Icons: Glasgow

I really love the icons developed by @adamwhitcroft for Offscreen Magazine’s fifth issue feature “A Web Worker’s Field Guide”. The collection of icons depicts a well known building or ideogram from 14 cities around the world. However, it was missing a key city … Glasgow. Yup you guessed it that is my home town so I decided to try and recreate a similar style icon our our little slice of the world.

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Technicity: Web Scraping

I have been working on my Technicity idea. Essencially the idea focuses on fuel poverty. Please check out my visualisation here and your comments, criticisms, and suggestions are very welcome.

If you want to know how to do similar analysis I would strongly recommend checking out Martin Hawksey’s tuorial.

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2 point perspective chair working

Assignment 3.2 : Visual Expression III: 2 Point Perspective

Working with 2 point perspective.

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Assignment 3.1: Exploration (10 Concepts)

In what way might I reduce the effort in reporting meetings whilst providing a coherent overview of stakeholder engagement?

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