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Technicity Project Proposal: Fuel Poverty

The main issue I would like to explore is how can technology be used to reduce fuel poverty in the city.

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Assignment 2.3: Visual Expression 2 – 2D SKETCHES

The goal of this assignment was to build on the basic sketching techniques and to introduce orthographic projections and cross sections as tools for visual expression. This assignment is intended to help think about which 2D views you need to sketch in order to unambiguously represent an artifact.

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Assignment 2.2: User Needs

In what way might I reduce the effort in reporting work whilst providing a coherent overview of stakeholder engagement?

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Assignment 2.1: Design Problem Definition

In what way might we create a tool for reporting activity and stakeholder engagement?

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If This Then That

If This Then That is a great new service that componentizes many of the social features we use today to create new and novel combinations. There are many examples, from tweeting on your behalf when you post a new photo on Flicker to making coffee when you have had a bad nights sleep.

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Coursera: Technicity

I have just started on the Technicity course on Coursera. Already the ideas and insights are getting my creative juices flowing and I am very hopeful that this course will help me reflect on my understanding of the City both as a technologist and as a citizen.

So far I have gone through some of the videos and I am very excited by what Ericsson have produced over the piece and the new technologies being deployed in Stockholm. I think the Stockholm Royal Seaport is a great starting point for envisioning the cities and the technologies of the future.

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Assignment 1.4 – Design for You

Project reporting is often a very inefficent use of time, project members should be able to have reports atomatically created based on what they do and enable project managers to explore this to understand how effectively the team is working together.

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Assessment 1.3 – Visual Expression I – Basics

No matter how experienced you are it is always good to go back to basics just to remind yourself about all those little things you have forgotten and hopefully find any bad habits you have picked up along the way.

The goal of this assignment was to get us comfortable with the basics of sketching to ensure you create a quality output of the visual expression of your design to submit.

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My Gap

A better project reporting tool – A current project I am leading on requires regular project reports. These reports tend to be a replication/collation of of calendar events, meeting notes and meeting attendees. Duplicating effort is time consuming and costs the project.

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Assignment 1.2 – Find the Gap (P)

As you go through your day, make note of things that annoy you or cause you extra effort, time, money, or discomfort. In the language of this course, find some gaps in your user experience. Identify at least 10 of these gaps.

Select a gap that will form the basis of your class project. Your gap (course project) must meet these criteria:

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