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Assignment 1.1 – Good Design (X)

I love my MacBook Pro because …

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Week 1 of Design: Creation of Artifacts in Society by Karl T. Ulrich

This week I have decided to try out Coursera’s course on the Creation of Artifacts in Society by Karl T.Ulrich. I will be posting all of my assignments here and reviewing the course at the end so keep up to date and feel free to provide your feedback on any of the work I produce.

UX Research Methods

Working closely with many academics, I have published user studies of various systems I have built, many of which can be seen here.

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AFNetworking Tutorial

It has been a while since my last tutorial but I have been working closely with Ray Wenderlich and have recently joined his tutorial team. My latest tutorial can be found there and we would like to hear your feedback. In coming months I will be working more with Ray and the team, however I will still be continuing my tutorials here and accompanying all of them with the usual YouTube videos.

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The Abyss

Was trying out some new ideas tonight and I love the work of Simon C Page so I had a go at one of his posters. It was also a useful exercise in understanding some of the basic scripting that can be done in Illustrator. Here is my attempt …

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iOS App Review: Blipfoto

This is the first in what I hope to be a new App Review every week. I am aiming to review a new app every week, and yip you guessed it I will post the review on Thursdays. The first app I have chosen to review is Blipfoto. Feel free to come and follow me and see my photos.

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HTML5 vs Native

As a native iOS developer this question has frequently come up for me and this is a response to a colleague of mine who also choose to consider this very question.

From my perspective, this debate is extremely flawed and is summed up perfectly by UX expert Aral Balkan who predicted Zuckerberg would blame HTML5 rather than admit to “abusing HTML to make native apps”.

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iPad Mini Mockup

New pictures of the iPad Mini have been released today. I really think this device could be ideal for in the classroom, and finally give kids a truly engaging classroom experience with technology as an integral part. We should after all look to augment and improve the way we teach to give everyone the best opportunity to learn. I cant wait to see it and determine if it could be another game changer!

FBI Security Leak Checker

The hacking group AntiSec has breached FBI security and retrieved a list of over 12 million UDIDs from iOS devices. In case you are wondering if your device appears on the list that has been leaked, White Stone Digital has a checker which you can access at:

iPhone 5 Mockup

The Verge has just posted a high quality video of an iPhone 5 mockup, which show it compared to the iPhone 4S.

I have a few minor gripes with the current case design, why is it two tone on the back? I think the brushed metal back would be a nice refreshing change and given my disappointment when the white iPhones first came out that were only half white I thought this mistake would have ben learnt from. I also feel the brushed metal ascetic would fit perfectly with my shiny new MacBook Pro.

From a functional point of view I have always thought the iPhone to be at the upper limits in terms of size for me (with my freakishly small hands) and with this increase in size it may just feel too bulky. Finally, the positioning of the headphone port is a little confusing and I cant work out if it is good or bad.

My first reaction was that it was bad, I had assumed most people would place their phone in their pocket the “correct way” up with the top facing upwards. After trying this out with my wife it would appear that when a phone goes in a top shirt pocket people tend to slip it in with the top facing upwards. However, after a call the phone tends to go into a trouser pocket “upside down” so this could confirm that this is in fact another great design alteration. Although until I recruit some more test cases I will leave the book open on this one.

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