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iOS5: Removing the cancel button on ABPeoplePickerNavigationController

When using the ABPeoplePickerNavigationController or any of the view controllers in the Address Book framework I kept getting a cancel button placed on the right hand side of the navigation bar which I could not remove. This was obviously an extremely annoying problem and creating the same interaction that you get on the iPhone contacts app was not possible.

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Steve Jobs 1955-2011

Apple is reporting that Steve Jobs passed away today. The co-founder of Apple and the guiding mind behind the Mac, iPod and iTunes, Pixar and Apple Retail, iPhone and iPad, Jobs was 56 years old, and is survived by his family, friends, colleagues, and an industry he helped innovate and inspire.

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How Apple Is Dominating China

Dari FitzGerald and Eric Bleeker at Motley Fool have created a really good overview of Apple’s Chinese market penetration in this wonderful infographic.

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Bill Gates VS Steve Jobs

Gates vs Jobs FIGHT!!!

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Windows 8 changing the game?

Windows 8 does seem like a genuine attempt to bring something new to the table from Microsoft but will they pull it off? In the past Microsoft’s shameless attempt to copy Apple was a completely flawed strategy epitomised by the failure of Vista and the Zune. With Windows 8 it seems like they are truly trying to innovate and change how we interact with our computers.

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Arstechnica: German court bans Galaxy Tab 10.1: looks too much like iPad

German court bans Galaxy Tab 10.1: looks too much like iPad

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iPhone 5 doesn’t stand a chance! Really!!

I think Daring Fireball’s John Gruber response says it all with regard to this article.

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Preparing images for iPhone App deployment with Photoshop

As a mobile developer preparing all of you images for your app can be very time consuming. Since the launch of the iPhone 4 with its retina display I have been using Unretina, an app available in the App store to take my retina images and scale them down for older iPhones. However, the current version of Unretina has a bug that makes converting large batches of files problematic. Instead I use Photoshop and a custom action to down-size all of my retina images. It is quite straight forward here are the steps,

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My Top 5 Symfony2 Bundles

In my short time using Symfony the latest release Symfony 2.0 has spawned a large number of useful bundles for developers to draw from when building their applications. Most of the bundles are hosted on Git Hub and have extremely comprehensive installation instructions so I am not going to go into depth about how to use my favourite bundles just why I think they are useful.

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iPhone and iPod

A seemingly small change in a recent update saw the “iPod” on the iPhone change from iPod to Music. At first I felt this to be insignificant but this must have been a big decision for Apple, so until yesterday I didn’t think much of it then I saw the recent iPhone 4 advert. The catch phrase “if you don’t have an iPhone then you don’t have an iPod” was spoken by the voice over guy. This left me wondering I have an iPhone but you have changed the name of my iPod to music so I don’t have an iPod now. It is a very minor point but this inconstant message is certainly not typical of Apple and I wondered if I had missed something. Anyone got any insights on this?

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