Explorers Festival

This is a post by Josh McGhee, Co-founder and MD at Ion 14. Ion 14 takes an intelligent, creative and efficiency-focused approach to business IT.

It’s been just over two weeks since I arrived back in Glasgow following my four-day excursion to the inaugural Explorers Festival, Lisbon. It has taken this time to digest the buzz of activity and information which surrounded me during that half-week and really quantify what I’d learned.

Explorers Festival, organised by Portuguese startup advocacy NGO Beta-i, was intended to be a celebration and meeting of minds that seek to push the boundaries of knowledge, physical endeavour and business. It was clear that it was also to announce the arrival of the Lisbon startup scene on the world stage, and what an introduction it was.


If This Then That

If This Then That is a great new service that componentizes many of the social features we use today to create new and novel combinations. There are many examples, from tweeting on your behalf when you post a new photo on Flicker to making coffee when you have had a bad nights sleep.


Coursera: Technicity

I have just started on the Technicity course on Coursera. Already the ideas and insights are getting my creative juices flowing and I am very hopeful that this course will help me reflect on my understanding of the City both as a technologist and as a citizen.

So far I have gone through some of the videos and I am very excited by what Ericsson have produced over the piece and the new technologies being deployed in Stockholm. I think the Stockholm Royal Seaport is a great starting point for envisioning the cities and the technologies of the future.


How Apple Is Dominating China

Dari FitzGerald and Eric Bleeker at Motley Fool have created a really good overview of Apple’s Chinese market penetration in this wonderful infographic.


Windows 8 changing the game?

Windows 8 does seem like a genuine attempt to bring something new to the table from Microsoft but will they pull it off? In the past Microsoft’s shameless attempt to copy Apple was a completely flawed strategy epitomised by the failure of Vista and the Zune. With Windows 8 it seems like they are truly trying to innovate and change how we interact with our computers.


Arstechnica: German court bans Galaxy Tab 10.1: looks too much like iPad

German court bans Galaxy Tab 10.1: looks too much like iPad


iPhone 5 doesn’t stand a chance! Really!!

I think Daring Fireball’s John Gruber response says it all with regard to this article.

iPhone and iPod

A seemingly small change in a recent update saw the “iPod” on the iPhone change from iPod to Music. At first I felt this to be insignificant but this must have been a big decision for Apple, so until yesterday I didn’t think much of it then I saw the recent iPhone 4 advert. The catch phrase “if you don’t have an iPhone then you don’t have an iPod” was spoken by the voice over guy. This left me wondering I have an iPhone but you have changed the name of my iPod to music so I don’t have an iPod now. It is a very minor point but this inconstant message is certainly not typical of Apple and I wondered if I had missed something. Anyone got any insights on this?