I have just started on the Technicity course on Coursera. Already the ideas and insights are getting my creative juices flowing and I am very hopeful that this course will help me reflect on my understanding of the City both as a technologist and as a citizen.

So far I have gone through some of the videos and I am very excited by what Ericsson have produced over the piece and the new technologies being deployed in Stockholm. I think the Stockholm Royal Seaport is a great starting point for envisioning the cities and the technologies of the future.

So far the question that has made me reflect the most asked wether I agreed or dissagreed with the following statment,

“we cannot create a better world without better cities.”

While I agree with the sentiment, I am more inclined to believe that we cannot create a better world without better citizens. Ultimately it is people that will make the difference, embedding the right technology within the city will help them do this.