This is the first in what I hope to be a new App Review every week. I am aiming to review a new app every week, and yip you guessed it I will post the review on Thursdays. The first app I have chosen to review is Blipfoto. Feel free to come and follow me and see my photos.

Having seen their founder, Joe Tree present Blipfoto on Tuesday I thought I would try it out. Blipfoto is an Edinburgh-based online daily photo journal and social networking service allowing people to share their pictures and tell their stories one day at a time. The site only allows its users to post one picture a day to their journal. Currently I am two days in and enjoying the experience.

Looking at the site it is stripped back and looks to have been designed to allow the photos to do the talking. While everything is clean I have a few minor gripes, the site has not been made retina ready which makes things look extremely blurry (not the imagery though it is beautifully sharp where users have take the time). Other little bug bears the site is not responsive and feels unnecessarily narrow and navigation some how feels jarring but maybe that is just me.

This all being said the enjoyment comes with the iOS app. The app is clean and simple and makes browsing others photos a great experience. The nature of the app, one photo per day, means that the quality seems to be higher than on other photo apps. Users seem much more conscious of crafting their photo since they only get one for that day.

Geek Moment

However, right at the moment of writing this very comment I have had an unknown crash when scrolling the category items just above the third tab (there doesn’t seem to be any tab titles so thats why I cant tell you the name of the tab). Having looked into it a little further it appears that the crash was down to the com.blipfoto.ImageCache that failed and caused the main thread to crash. If it is the case my tutorial coming next week will be one that will be ideally suited to fixing this problem.

Again this app has some minor pain points for me. I would love to see the map view zoom slider made larger at its current size it is a little fiddly given the size of my finger. All in all I like this app, as a developer I would like to see an API so we can build it into other apps or more importantly embed my own Blipfoto on my website for the world to see.

I would rate this app at 3/5, I am not sure if I would pay the £25 per year yet however, if I enjoy it over the next couple of weeks and take the plunge then I will update this post and let you all know about the paid feature.

If there are any apps in particular you would like reviewed please let me know what you would like to see me talk about next week.