I think Daring Fireball’s John Gruber response says it all with regard to this article.

International Business Times: ‘10 Reasons Why iPhone 5 Doesn’t Stand a Chance Against Motorola Droid Bionic

Ignore the hyperbolic headline. Forget about just how jackasstic it is to compare a just-released Android phone against an iPhone that is nothing more than a rumor. The whole thing is click-bait, sure. But what I think is interesting is that if you just took this list of 10 items, you could use those same items to write a real article headlined, “Things Tech Nerds Believe Make the iPhone Inferior But Which in Reality Don’t Matter in the Mass Market”. Flash Player, Google-style “openness”, RAM, expansion card slots. Come on.

He is absolutely spot on, most of the analysis of this type focus on feature explosion and forget about the consumer experience. After all we all remember the nae sayers we slammed the original iPhone for its lack of copy and paste!!!