The Verge has just posted a high quality video of an iPhone 5 mockup, which show it compared to the iPhone 4S.

I have a few minor gripes with the current case design, why is it two tone on the back? I think the brushed metal back would be a nice refreshing change and given my disappointment when the white iPhones first came out that were only half white I thought this mistake would have ben learnt from. I also feel the brushed metal ascetic would fit perfectly with my shiny new MacBook Pro.

From a functional point of view I have always thought the iPhone to be at the upper limits in terms of size for me (with my freakishly small hands) and with this increase in size it may just feel too bulky. Finally, the positioning of the headphone port is a little confusing and I cant work out if it is good or bad.

My first reaction was that it was bad, I had assumed most people would place their phone in their pocket the “correct way” up with the top facing upwards. After trying this out with my wife it would appear that when a phone goes in a top shirt pocket people tend to slip it in with the top facing upwards. However, after a call the phone tends to go into a trouser pocket “upside down” so this could confirm that this is in fact another great design alteration. Although until I recruit some more test cases I will leave the book open on this one.