General Storyboard Tips and Resources

UIStoryboard is a runtime representation of everything configured inside Interface Builder as such any individual scene can be loaded using either,

[UIStoryboard instantiateInitalViewController]
[UIStoryboard InstantiateViewControllerWithIdentifier]

Should you choose to split your application across multiple Storyboards these can be loaded using,

[UIStoryboard storyboardWithName:bundle:]

To launch your main story board at the predefined entry starting point of your applications user interface you can just specify the name of the story board in your info plist (Key UIMainStoryboardFile).

If you lose your entry point or wish to change the entry point of your Storyboard you can do so by following my previous post.
Specifying the entry point of your Storyboard

Useful resources
WWSC 2011 Storyboard Example

I hope you found this useful here are some other tutorials.